Retirement Income

Our firm recognizes the hurdles investors face as their human capital changes over time, especially when they need to establish sustainable lifetime income. To help our clients accomplish this, we provide the following:

    • Tax efficient withdrawal strategies
    • Longevity Planning
    • Roth conversion and tax analysis
    • Withdrawal Policy Statement (WPS)
    • Optimization of Social Security
    • Managing sequence of returns risk
    • Custom retirement income portfolios
    • Medicare transition

Retirement Income Equation

Our friends at Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) have performed extensive research when it comes to strategies for generating retirement income. The following videos from Dr. Marlena Lee, PhD and Head of Investment Solutions at DFA, provide some great ideas as you begin to evaluate your own situation.

How much retirement income is enough? With defined contribution plans, future retirees are asked to take on more responsibility for their retirement outcomes than in the past. Understanding how to arrive at a target income replacement rate can be helpful for future retirees and plan sponsors alike.

How Much Should I Save For Retirement?

Uncertainty over one’s future income trajectory is often substantial and can significantly complicate planning for retirement. Our research shows that a saving guideline incorporating information about household income as it changes over time (dynamic saving) can improve retirement success rates for most households relative to a static rule-of-thumb approach.

My Retirement Income

This tool allows investors to assess personalized and meaningful information regarding how much income they can expect to have in retirement. This can set the stage for further discussion about retirement readiness and addressing ways to affect one’s outcomes. This can also be used as a starting point for conversations.